Smash or Pass: Leeds’ Halloween events edition

Whatever you do, don’t eat a stranger’s candy


Halloween is that one event every year where people can pretend to be someone they are not. Although in Leeds dressing up as part of a society event or for the Otley Run is completely normal, Halloween radiates different energy – it brings out the feral club rats in all of us. Listed below are the top events happening in Leeds this week, and the ones that will inevitably cause nightmares.

Cirque Du Soul Halloween Circus @ Beaverworks – 31st Oct: SMASH

The place to be. LSG is already seeing hundreds of students beg for people selling tickets. Not only is it a huge rave with over 2,500 students, but there are also fairground rides. With homegrown acts like Airspace, this event is the definition of Leeds and not one to be missed. The Cliffhanger won’t be the last thing people ride that night. It’s all part of growing up. Allow yourself to run away with the circus, if you manage to get tickets…

Good Life Leeds: Halloween Special @ The Old Red Bus Station – 29th Oct: SMASH

A favourite for anyone who isn’t a fresher. With Dr. Banana DJing all night, this place will turn into the most ghoulish rave imaginable. Nearly every student in Leeds fave music genre is house and garage, which is exactly what will be playing here all-night long. You are almost guaranteed to be raving up until 4am in the most suitably spooky way possible. Make sure you have your Berocca ready for the morning after; you won’t be feeling too lively after that.

Deadly Halloween Disco @ Sheaf St – 31st Oct: SMASH

If house and garage isn’t your thing, this event is more for you. Get your freak on with the disco and groovy tunes of Sheaf St. A night full of laughter and paying for the cups you drink out of, this is a guaranteed good night out. Pulling a 10/10 might not be on the top of your priority list, but you’ll make some mates for life in that smoking area of theirs.

Klub Kiwi @ Mint Warehouse – 28th Oct: SMASH 

Mint Warehouse radiates a different energy. It will be a night full of electricity (wouldn’t want to pay their bills this month) and tactical chunders in the toilets. This event will be full of eerie-sistable heartthrobs that you won’t be able to stay away from. With enough tequila, maybe you’ll give them the best treat of all.

DnB Allstars at O2 Academy- 28th Oct: SMASH

Whilst the queues for the O2 are over two hours and the £5 double vodkas don’t always seem worth it, the headlining act is Hybrid Minds. Going to Hybrid Minds at least once during your time in Leeds is practically a rite of passage and that alone might explain why tickets for this event are sold out and extremely hard to come by.

Whilst all of these will guarantee a spooktacular Halloween, there are some places that will haunt you in a different way.

Pryzm’s Halloween Nightmare- 30th Oct: PASS

This is just one of Pryzm’s many events as part of their Carnival of the Dead, but to be honest, they all sound like an absolute nightmare. Unless you fancy hooking up with a fresher dressed as a pirate. Although the £1 entry and £3 drinks might tempt you, it’s not worth the risk of getting with someone who aren’t what they seem – and I don’t mean that as their costume. The only good thing that can come out of going here is the McDonald’s right next to it.

Monday Night Halloween Project at Space- 31st Oct: PASS

Space. I made the mistake of going here last year and I have never fully recovered. It will take you 40 mins to take a piss and the “no sanitation, no penetration” man won’t stop banging on the cubicle door. Enough said.

Manifest Halloween Party at Cargo- 29th Oct: PASS

We won’t judge you for going, but we will question why you choose to spend Halloween queuing over an hour for a drink. The music is hit and miss, so we’ll keep our fingers crossed that you have a good night at the club form of the ‘ick’.

No matter where you and your mates end up going this Halloween, don’t eat a stranger’s candy x

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