What your favourite Call Lane bar says about you

Yes I am aware that they all merge into one after a few too many tequila shots


Ah, Call Lane – the home of maxed out overdrafts, middle-aged pervs, and losing all the dignity you had left. Unless you work in a bar, Call Lane is unheard of for most students. You might go there a few times a year at a push, because you’re too coked up for the night to end, or because your single housemates are just desperate to meet an older, mature bloke. Little do they know, it’s full of divorced Dad’s and seventeen-year old’s who will most definitely try and pull you. If you’re a bartender, Call Lane is likely your playground – you’re guaranteed to see just about everyone you know from work, whilst trying to flirt for staff discounts like your life depends on it, because who wants to pay £12.50 for a vodka lemonade?  


You’re a gal who loves coming here for your Instagram, but you stay for the white chocolate martinis, and I can’t say I blame you for it.  

Instagram @mollyhudsonxo

Call Lane Social  

You came here to try and pull, don’t you? Don’t even try and deny it. Nobody else is standing in this absolute sweat box for any reason other than that.  

Jake’s Bar 

You came here because you think you’re classy, but we all know you’ll be chucking those cocktails up in the toilet later and stumbling down Call Lane, shoes in hand and eyelashes hanging off.  


You really, really like Indie music and won’t let anyone forget it. You probably come here for gigs, which is perfectly acceptable, but dragging your mates solely here every single night out because you just love the disco ball just isn’t on. However, the vibes are always impeccable here, so I can’t moan too much. 

Instagram @lauren.mikki


You’re an absolute slut for bottomless brunch and attention, and you’re totally fine with that.  

Neon Cactus 

In my opinion, the Call Lane version of Beaverworks – absolute gremlins everywhere. You’re probably the bad influence friend who can never say no to a night out, and still wears glitter on your face unironically. You’re fun though, and that’s all that matters.

Instagram @elliehobbss


You’re either a Leeds local, a creepy man wearing loafers, or you’re here because you couldn’t get in anywhere else. That’s all I have to say about this place.

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