If you haven’t experienced these 10 things, have you even worked in the hospitality industry?

Apologies in advance to the migraine this list will give hospitality workers


During our time at university, many of us will flock to hospitality jobs – much like a Leeds student to a pair of beaten up Air Force 1s, or to a cheeky Bakery 164 between lectures. Extra money alongside the loan, flexible hours, staff discounts – what’s not to like? Well, probably just about everything else.

Working in hospitality myself, I decided to compile a list of the ten most awful scenarios that will happen to everyone whilst on shift. Whether you work in a pub, bar, club or restaurant, I guarantee something on this list will have had you considering kissing that 30 per cent off overpriced cocktails goodbye at some point.

Men telling you to smile

All girls will agree with me here that this is whole heartedly the most subtly angering situation you will ever be involved in at work. Not only is it sexist, but it will actually make me scowl more for the rest of my shift. Thanks for that, Darren.

Customers completely changing their order after they’ve already paid or you’ve made the drink

I understand people change their mind, but the process of going to find a manager to change the order on the till to issue refunds is longer than the queue for an event at Beaver Works.

Chain ordering multiple drinks

For those who aren’t aware, chain ordering is when a customer tells you they want a drink so you make it, take it to them, then they continue to order more drinks and so on this pattern will repeat. It’s most irritating when they order a Guinness last. Please never order a Guinness last.

Double parked are we?

People not stacking their plates

I don’t even have to explain this one. It’s disrespectful and that is all. Who raised you?

Taking an order over to a table, saying the food or drink items and everybody looking at you cluelessly

Then you finally hear an echo of: “that ones for Sally!” Please help me out here, WHO is Sally?

Customers that don’t know how to flush a toilet or use a bin

Again, do I even need to explain this one? I know this isn’t The Ritz but can we please not put used tampons in the toilet.

No specification when ordering

“Can I have a lager?” “We have 14 lagers available. Is San Miguel okay?” “Oh no, not that one”.

People clicking their fingers at you or waving their money at the bar

If you want to be served last or completely ignored by a bartender, I recommend this step.

Being told “you’ve missed a spot” when cleaning

It’s rude and it’s simply not funny. I don’t even have the energy to give a slight fake laugh when customers make this comment.

“Wheeeeeyyyy” when a glass smashes

Unless you’d like to clock in for me to clean up the mess, Barry, please shut up, (why is it always a Barry?)

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