‘I’ll blow up your house’: Thugs blast Brudenell Social Club with fireworks and threaten students

It happened on several nights

In the period leading up to Bonfire Night, thugs shot fireworks into Brudenell Social Club and threatened students with comments like: “I’ll blow up your house.”

The iconic pub / gig venue was repeatedly targeted in the days leading up to Wednesday 4th November (the last day pubs could stay open).

A Tik Tok posted by @franforde, shows huge explosions in the outdoor area of the pub, with security left helpless.


Hyde Park, Leeds- the ideal family friendly holiday destination #fyp #halloween #hydepark #leeds

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The Leeds Tab spoke to a member of security who detailed that this is a regular occurrence, especially at this time of year.

The same security guard also recalled how at least one person had received burns from one of the fireworks.

On Bonfire Night itself, students were the target of similar violence.

Ella Kitson was watching the fireworks out of her window when something shocking happened.

Ella told The Leeds Tab: “A guy wearing all black walked past and said: ‘why you staring at me I’ll blow your house up.’  He then began to light a firework and shot it at our window from about a meters distance.

“Luckily we managed to shut the window in time before it hit it otherwise it would have gone straight though into our house.”

Sam Thornton, another Hyde Park resident, wrote in a post on Leeds Student Group (LSG): “I just had fireworks thrown at me around Burley Lodge Road and was chased around Burley Lodge Park by a group of around 10 people dressed in black clothes and masks.”

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