At least five flats self-isolating at Leeds Uni halls following COVID-19 outbreak

‘It’s spread like wildfire because they’ve been all going out meeting people’

At least five flats across two halls of residence at Leeds Uni are now self-isolating, either because residents have contracted coronavirus, or because they are awaiting test results.

One member of a flat at Devonshire Hall has received a positive test for coronavirus and his whole flat are now isolating.

At least three more flats at Devonshire Hall are also self-isolating as residents have been displaying coronavirus symptoms and are now awaiting test results.

Filip, a first year at Devonshire Hall who is now isolating, told The Leeds Tab: “The general feeling at least within my block is that if the flat above also test positive, then it’s spread like wildfire [be]cause they’ve been all going out meeting people.”

Residents of one flat in Lyddon Hall are also awaiting coronavirus test results.

The Leeds Tab is also aware of several cases of coronavirus in private accommodation with whole houses self-isolating.

One second year student living in the Hyde Park area told The Leeds Tab: “Because the student houses are quite big, once one person gets it, it spread so quickly to us all.”

This comes after a spokesperson for Leeds Uni yesterday confirmed that they were aware of just six cases since the start of September.

The spokesperson also detailed how the Uni is having trouble getting students to report their cases of coronavirus.

Leeds Uni staff and students can find advice related to coronavirus on the Uni’s coronavirus website.

Featured image: SWNS stock image.

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