Don’t freak out but Fruity is being live streamed straight into your bedroom

Can’t wait to sing Mr Brightside through the webcam

Everyone loves a cheeky night out at Fruity; the VKs, the cheesy pop music, even constantly getting empty bottles dashed off your head in the middle of the dancefloor. But, like all good things, Fruity this week has been (rightly) cancelled because of coronavirus.

Fear not though, Fruity lovers, you won’t be sad for long as it was announced at 10am this morning that the heroes at Leeds Student Radio will be hosting a virtual Fruity – meaning that you can experience the iconic night in a completely new way, all from the quarantine friendly space of your own home!

“Dress up like it’s your final Fruity (fancy dress is encouraged) and send us all your pics and vids to @thisisLSR on Insta and Twitter – we’ll share as many as we can,” says station manager Vicky Wright.

“We also want callers and voice notes of you enjoying yourselves! Message us if you’re free for a chat, and get your song requests in on the event page.”

Alec Feldman is one of the organisers of the event, and he’s hoping it can bring people together from the isolation of their own rooms.

“This is a massive event that everyone in and out of Leeds can listen to, and everyone in Leeds is already talking about it. It’ll be like we’re all in one place having a good time together, even though we’re all in our bedrooms,” he said.

Georgia Carroll is in her final year at university, and this could be her last Fruity with her housemates before they graduate.

She said: “One of our housemates is moving out today and there may be more of us leaving; we’ve all been together for four years now and it’s so sad the whole experience has ended so abruptly, what better way to spend what could be our last night together than one final Fruity!”

So put on your Fruity shoes, grab a fruity bev, and join students from all over the country in a one-night-only special edition of Leeds’ favourite night out from 9pm tonight. The event has over 800 responses so far, so you won’t be alone!

Tune into, or download the Uniwaves app and search ‘Leeds Student Radio’.

Stay up to date on the event page for any updates as the night goes on.