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After five glorious years, Donuts is ending forever

The farewell night is on the same night as the General Election

Its been all over Leeds – Canal Mills, The Wardrobe, HiFi, and most importantly The Faversham – but after December 13th, Donuts will be no more.

In a post on the facebook page, Danny & Grech (the organisers of Donuts) said the event "hasn't felt the same" since the move from The Fav – the hallowed birthplace of Go nuts at Donuts.

The iconic Leeds night out will be held twice more at The Wardrobe (on November 21st and December 5th) before holding its last hurrah at HiFi as the event closes its doors for good.

Many memories (but mainly mistakes) have been made at Donuts; the event joining Church, Bierkeller, Players, and Canal Mills in an ever growing list of Leeds' nightlife casualties.

Although tickets have started selling for the goodbye event, there might still be a flicker of hope yet.

The organisers said in a facebook post:

"If the mighty Fav turned to us right now and said they'd decided to start doing club nights again, we'd be there in a flash, no second thoughts, no meetings, just uncontrolled excitement."

Maybe its time for a petition?