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Mischief didn’t want to stall any longer on their toilet shortage, building four new cubicles

No more danger pissing in the smoking area, rejoice!


If you're a part of a sports society at Leeds (or if you just love David Guetta and smashing VK's like there's no tomorrow), you'll be a weekly resident at Warehouse's Mischief.

But almost every Wednesday evening at the notorious sports night, there's always a little issue – you have to wait about 40 minutes for the loo (especially for us ladies).

They even started putting a bouncer at the entrance of the women's toilet to control the mob of angry cheerleaders that are "literally gonna piss themselves".


? HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT ?After hearing feedback and wanting to improve the customer experience at Mischief, we didn't want to stall any longer on this one, so here they are…

Posted by Mischief on Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Mischief have announced today that they have installed four new toilet cubicles in the club to improve the customer experience. Oh, and they slid in a cheeky pun.

This seriously is a blessing. Because some of us would be lying if we said we've never done a danger piss in the smokers.