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Two people posing as members of Leeds Council are using fake ID to ‘inspect’ student properties in Hyde Park

The pair were apparently dressed smartly and well spoken

Unconfirmed reports of a male and a female posing as members of Leeds City Council have been attempting to enter properties in Hyde Park claiming they are undertaking property inspections.

A Leeds students has said a "blonde woman in a black coat, and a short brown haired man" with clipboards knocked on their property in Hyde Park at around 12pm yesterday, showing them fake identification documents, claiming they were carrying out a property inspection and requesting to know the number of residents in the property.

The student then told The Leeds Tab they "asked for ID and papers and they produced what seemed convincing documents. They were smartly dressed and well spoken, so I let them in."

According to the student's account, they rang the 111 non-emergency number shortly after speaking to the "inspectors" to notify the authorities. They were put through to Leeds City Council who further confirmed that a 48-hour notification is issued by the council when a property inspection is required and that the man and woman were not members of the council.

In the phone conversation with Leeds City Council, they suggested the motive of the imposter inspectors was to "scout" the property for valuable goods with an intention to break into the property on a later date, according to the students who made the phone call.

The ordeal was also posted on the Facebook group "Leeds Uni Tickets" by the students in an attempt to raise awareness and prevent the male and female entering anymore properties in the area.

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It is currently unknown how many other properties the couple have attempted to enter.

If you saw anything in the area that you thought was related to events in this article or were affected please let us know by emailing [email protected] or messaging us on Facebook and also call 111 immediately.