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A guide to the most Instagrammable drinks and dining spots in Leeds

From mojito’s and music to brunch with a crunch


Whatever you think of Leeds, it can’t be denied that is has some extremely Instagram-worthy hot spots – and we all love a good insta pic, right? But where are these hidden gems which we so often see pop up on the Instagram of that "cultured" mate?

Well, my friends, fret no more! We are about to reveal some of the most Instagrammable drinking and dining spots in Leeds.


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It’s cute, it’s cosy and it will give the illusion that you’re in a sophisticated chic London cafe. Fettle has some seriously funky designs with its patterned chairs and hanging lights. It is perfect for a girly brunch and the food comes out looking like a piece of art (pretty fancy huh?) If you want a break from typical student lunches, which usually end up being a Tesco meal deal, then this is the place to go.


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Right boys, listen up. If you want to impress a girl then BRING HER HERE. This speak easy Jazz bar is located at the back of a barbers shop, but instead of mixing highlights they mix up some insanely good cocktails. Various Soul, Blues and Jazz artists perform in the evenings and moody lighting makes it very atmospheric.


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Ok, if you have made it to your third year and haven’t been here then you need to make East Village a priority. They have happy hour between 6 and 8 every night and one hell of a happy hour it is. The extensive cocktail menu does not disappoint and here is the best bit…they have wing Wednesdays where chicken wings are only £1. Forget crispies, East Village is the place to be for some good deep fried chicken and a bev.


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We’re heading to a more sophisticated dining option now with Angelica’s overlooking the whole of Leeds. Being at the top of the Trinity Centre, this restaurant has an outside bar and some seriously good grub. If you want to treat yourself to something other than pasta pesto then Angelica’s is a good place to start.


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It’s a student favourite and that’s really no surprise…LS6 is the place to go if you want a chilled out meal or drink with a friend. It has a very satisfying Full English and a lush coffee too. They also host quiz and Jazz nights so it’s not just your average cafe. Oh, and did I mention it’s on the way to Uni for practically all students living in Headingley so it’s a crime not to pick up a much needed coffee before a long day of lectures.

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Frozen Daiquiri's, um yes PLEASE

So, there you have it. Some of the places in Leeds which will have followers drooling over your food and curious about that quirky cafe you’re in. Whether you want mojito’s and music, gin and jazz, a brunch with crunch or a dinner that’s a winner, you’ll do well to find a fault with any of these.