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Ditch the dating apps, and sign up for ‘Leeds Goes Dating’ to find your next potential bae

Let us do the matchmaking

Are you tired of spending countless hours swiping on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and every other dating app? How many times must we have the same conversation, starting with "hey, how are you?" and ending in "can I have your Snapchat?"

After meeting guys online, in bars and even Eddy B (aka, where all the fit boys gravitate) we are tired of meeting nice guys and then being either catfished, ghosted or stood up.

It's not just girls struggling with the uni dating scene either, I've heard it from multiple guys as well. It's the topic of every pres, every cocktail hour, every late night library sesh – and it's time we did something about it.

We're launching "Leeds Goes Dating" and here's how it's going to work:

Fill out this form – we want to know who your ideal partner is and what sort of date you're interested in. We'll take a look at the responses, match you up with your most compatible partner and set you up on a date. We will give you a time and place to meet up, leave you to chat and then ask for a comment from both of you after. That's all there is to it!

All genders and sexualities are welcome, if you're interested in "Leeds Goes Dating" click here.

Happy dating!

Photo Credit: Backroom Facebook Page