Here are the cringiest posts from the Leeds Freshers pages

‘Wait, you’re in A block too?’

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With their places confirmed and accommodation allocated, the new Leeds freshers have taken to Facebook to ask questions, find their coursemates and sign up for shit events they won't even go to.

We picked out the cringiest posts and comments to make you reminiscent of your own desperate search to find your flatmates. Meet the Leeds Freshers of 2018.

To start with, they already think they have met their friends for life

Guaranteed these "PALS" will never actually meet.

Already found the Fiat 500 owners

And their mums are ready to track their every move

Let's hope your mum doesn't follow you to Beaverworks.

They are so wise, they don't even need a degree

Great idea, let's add 10,000 Freshers to a group chat…idiot.

Not to mention, how unbelievably original they are

Just what Leeds needs, another student indie band.

They make me feel old, what the fuck does this even say?

She's definitely got Lupton.

They're already preparing to be 'experimental'

They'll fit right in at LCOM.

They are the wildest year yet

Living on the EDGE.

If they speak and text like this, how did they get into Leeds Uni?

Yoyo, fuck off to Leeds Metropolitan.

If they think their timetables are "crazy", what are they going to think of Roger Stevens?

That's one mad timetable.

Why are freshers so… fresh?

Ah, the Freshers have so much to learn about Leeds.

Photo credit: Fruity facebook page