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Here Are The Best Dressed People At Leeds Fest This Weekend

You almost looked as good as Dua Lipa

Another year of excessive glitter, mud and Red Stripe has come to a rainy end, as over the past weekend, the likes of Post Malone, Kendrick Lamar and Dua Lipa blessed Branham Park. But let's be honest, boy IDGAF about the lineup. We really do care about the outfits you all managed to pull off however, especially after putting them together in a tent.

So, to cure your hangover and all those post festival blues, we have put all of the best dressed festival goers, right here.


The only thing better than working a glittery green outfit, is when you work it alongside your friend, who is also wearing silver glitter AND a pink PVC jacket. Leeds' DREAM DUO.


Katja is the actual definition of how to dress for a festival. Hair flowers, pink glasses and a colourful raincoat is the perfect festival look which you all strive for, and when it looks as good as Katja, you can see why it is so popular.


Sorry to link Leeds Fest to Mamma Mia 2, but there is something just SO YOUNG DONNA SHERIDAN about these looks. If she had stopped off at Leeds Fest after her graduation, there is just no doubt that she would be spreading these edgy vibes all around her Greek island. Branham Park's ultimate dancing queens.


When you've got Leeds Fest at 8 and Canal Mills at 10, you get Sophie's look.


If in doubt then add hoops and double denim, becasue they turn any outfit, into a best dressed outfit.


If Cher from Clueless went to Leeds Fest, she would look like Poppie, as she is bringing out the 90's, with a hint of glitter and edgy Leeds vibes.

Can we please all apprecaite how even her hair matches her outfit too.


Amber is tempting us all to run and buy the next two piece we see while it is still summery enough to pull it off.


Yes, the pattern in Sam's tee really does match his shirt, but it's safe to say it won't have looked that clean at the end of that muddy day. Well, it was nice while it lasted.


Yes, Leeds Fest is in 'summer', but thankfully, that didn't stop Mirren from packing her faux fur.


You too would look as happy as Lydia if you managed to pair leapord print with an orange jacket, and PULL IT OFF.