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Brace yourself: A new study has suggested that Leeds is actually in the south

Leeds, that famous southern city

A top academic has sparked a nationwide debate after claiming that people from Leeds are actually southerners.

Mark Tewdwr-Jones, chair of town planning at Newcastle University claimed that cities including Leeds, York, Manchester and Sheffield could all be in the south during a discussion on BBC Radio 4. He redrew the north-south divide on the map, and suggested that Leeds is following in London's 'sphere of influence', saying:

“There are several ways you could define a northern region – but perhaps the most pertinent question is where does London end?”

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The map shows the widespread effects of London's 'sphere of influence' across the country, as the professor added:

“My map is a northern area defined as ‘not London,’ where London’s sphere of influence extends over most of the country – determined by two-hour commuting patterns which is becoming the norm.”

Understandably, the news that Leeds is in the south didn't go down too well on Twitter, with people taking to the site to share their disgust. The claim sparked such a backlash, that the professor, '@profmarktj', went on to deactivate his Twitter account.

The map was successful in its intention to spark a debate as to where the great north-side divide begins. I'm sure we can all agree on one thing however, and that is that Leeds is, and always will be, in the north.

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