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Leeds Uni student robbed at knifepoint in the middle of the day in Hyde Park

It’s not just dangerous at night


On Tuesday 29th May, a Leeds Uni fresher was robbed on the campus side of Hyde Park. Finn, medicine student, had his phone stolen at 12.10pm.

Finn says that the man approached him asking if he had any fags. He said "no, because I don't smoke."

He then asked, "if I had any coke, MD etc" and the situation started to get a bit odd.

When Finn said no again, the man "came up really close, telling me to empty my pockets."

The man then stole Finn's phone in the middle of the day, where anyone could have seen.

Finn posted the event on Leeds Uni Tickets to warn his fellow students and the post reached over 300 likes.

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The tall black man, of around eighteen years old, was wearing a dark hoody and cap. He also had an Adidas pouch and a ski mask hanging around his neck.

Earlier in the day, a similar looking man approached students on campus, asking odd questions and making them feel very uncomfortable.

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In the middle of the day on uni campus, students are being robbed by "shifty" people, where anyone could witness and report them. Hyde Park is not just dangerous at night.

Stay safe Leeds!