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Students told to find new places to live after Plaza floods

Only £250 was offered for the ‘inconvenience’


After being flooded out of their flats in The Plaza on Wednesday, more than 300 students are now being told they can't move back in.

Residents received an email on Friday afternoon telling them to find new accommodation within 24 hours.

Unite Group, the organisation that owns The Plaza, had originally housed students in various hotels across Leeds, but now students are being told that this is no longer an option.

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More than 300 students have been ordered to choose between moving accommodation through Unite, or finding their own place, within 24 hours.

For the 'inconvenience', Unite are only offering £250 compensation to residents.

Considering that this isn't the first time this has happened, and its happening right in the middle of exam season, it's not enough for some students.

Residents were flooded out at 6am, some had their property and university work damaged, and now they're being told to find a new place to live, with the consolation gift of £250.

Flatmates will be split up, exam timetables will be chaos, and some students, like Georgia, are just worried about 'where I'm going to bed tomorrow'.

If students find their own place to live, Unite have offered to refund the rest of their tenancy, essentially forcibly buying students out of their accommodation contracts.

If they choose to be rehoused through Unite into other student accommodation, Unite have promised to refund the difference in rent.