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Which VK flavour is your Leeds uni halls?

We can’t all be Tropical

The VK is a staple ingredient to a night out in Leeds, but which flavour is your halls? In a rainbow of sugary liquid heaven everyone has a favourite, but not everyone can be as sweet as they'd like to be. I think we can all agree that nobody wants to be Apple and Mango.

Charles Morris – Strawberry and Lime

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Fit, flirty, fun. Strawberry and Lime always seems like the pinnacle of them all, and my god doesn't it know it. If you manage to get your hands on it before it sells out it'll make everyone else jealous and you can make the most of it. Although too much of it will make you sick, so maybe avoid Strawberry and Lime VKs (and Charles Morris residents) from time to time.

James Baillie – Tropical Fruits

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Two words: Party. Animal. Always the last one standing at the end of the night, everyone wants to be like them. Eager to please and not too divisive, a bottle of Tropical Fruits will always find its way into the hands of every single person in the club, because it wants everyone to know how cool it is.

Devonshire – Ice

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2 kool 4 skool. Exclusive and cold as ice, people drinking this flavour know that they're better than everyone, and they want you to know it too (they're not really). Rarely seen, people sometimes forget that they exist, which is fair enough considering that they're an acquired taste to say the least.

Central Village – Black Cherry

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A rare breed, Black Cherry Vks and Central Village residents aren't known for being humble, in fact they're the opposite. Everyone loves the idea of it, but in reality, it can never live up to the expectations you have in your head. In fact, the posers in Central can often be found pouring this flavour into a wine glass to pretend its a vintage bottle of vino from the south of France. Posers.

Liberty Dock – Orange and Passionfruit

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Everyone loves a cheeky orange VK; its the old faithful when it comes to your nights out. The standard drinker of this beauteous flavour is always up for a night out and has a particular resilience to power through, just like the residents at Lib Dock. It might not be right up your street straight away, but give it time and it'll start to grow on you.

Oxley – Apple and Mango

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Literally nobody's first choice, Apple and Mango is only bought if there's absolutely nothing left, even shots of bleach sell out before it. Its the black sheep of the VK family, shunned because of its garish colour and even more dreadful taste. Just like the people in Oxley, you'll see it once and then immediately forget it exists.

Lupton – Blue

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An real outsider when it comes to everyone's favourite, because if you ask people, nobody will say that Blue is the best VK flavour, and nobody will say Lupton is the best halls. However, everyone has a soft spot for these guys, and you know you won't be disappointed with it.