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All the best tweets about the lecturer’s strike so far

They’re only saying what we’re all thinking

The lecturer's strike is all anyone can talk about at the moment, and rightly so. We pay £9000 a year, and we deserve better than for the uni to allow a four week strike to happen. And I say uni, because at the end of the day, the uni has a lot of sway over this situation, and they could easily resolve.

As always, students have taken to Twitter to voice their complaints. So, here are some of the best tweets about the strike.

Standard Thursday morning

Time to get political

Asking the important questions

When embarrassing your lecturer is the ultimate priority

There's always one who doesn't have a clue

10/10 meme usage

They can still chant "oh Jeremy Corbyn" on nights out though right?

As if uni wasn't stressful enough

The worst email you received this week

And finally, this very good point