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Meet the committee behind the Leeds RAG Fashion Show 2018

They’ve even worked with Lippy Magazine

The RAG fashion show is one of the biggest events of the year, there's no denying that. The models are always stunning, the clothes are incredible, and the whole thing is just an amazing night. So, we went down to the Leeds RAG Fashion Show’s final committee meeting to find out a bit more about the people behind the magic.

What was your favourite thing about the show?

I have loved working with such a great team of people, being the only Charity representative I have had the opportunity to work with lots of different members of committee. A particular highlight was having a representative from Mind come to deliver a talk to the committee and models. This gave everyone more of an insight into the amazing services they offer and how the money we are raising will contribute. I also enjoyed letting my inner artist loose during the late-night stints on the glitter stall thanks to GoGetGlitter!- El Dive, Head of Charity

What is your best memory from working on the show?

My favourite memory from the show is without a doubt the Birth theme promo shoot. We had a full studio lighting set up and captured nine beautiful models in their most vulnerable states, celebrating their imperfections and natural beauty. The photos came out so great and I could feel that the models felt so empowered.
As the photographer for the shoot, it was an absolute dream for me that the natural light that day just so happened to be so truly soft, warm and inspiring. One by one, I also took models off to one side and requested they sit in the window areas to capture them in this beautiful light. For me, these photos are some of the best I have ever taken, and I am truly thankful to LRFS for that experience.- Lucy Jones, Content Creation

Both Naomi and I have loved every moment of being on the committee! If we had to pick one thing that has really stood out then it would have to be our collaboration with Lippy Magazine! We worked with Lippy throughout the process of the show. Together we created articles and content which struck a good balance between the voices of LRFS and Lippy. This came to a head in our “5 Ways to Wear X LRFS” photoshoot. We are so proud of how the photos turned out! We would also like to shout out to all the other publications who have helped us to raise money for our wonderful charities, we wouldn’t have a sold out show without you.- Naomi Walsh and Arabella Bowes, Press/ PR

So firstly it would be our directors coming in to interview for the first time. An idea was born, then our first committee meeting where no one knew each other and it was all just ideas. And then seeing how the show has just grown and grown and we’ve become such a crazy, little family!! Recently the moment of finding out we’ve sold out has to be the absolute highlight- our committee have worked so so so hard and we’re incredibly proud of everything we achieved. Selling out is just the icing on the cake and really showcases how hard we’ve worked to make the Leeds Rag fashion show the best it’s ever been – Kiran Manak and Brogan Kelly, Head of RAG events

What made you want to join committee this year?

We think that joining the committee is such a great opportunity to make new friends with really similar interests and passions. At the very heart of the show is charity, so it makes you feel good to make such a difference each day and help raise money for such amazing causes and we were so motivated to helping the LRFS team reach the fundraising target! We expected to learn loads and have lots of fun and we have done just that! – Maisie Clarke and Christa Cahill, Social Media

What would you say to someone who wanted to join committee next year? // advice for committee next year?

Just send in your application, what is the worst that can happen? I won’t pretend it is plain sailing but it is one of the most rewarding things I have ever done in my life. You will meet the most amazing people and the process really does bond you like some dysfunctional family. At the end of it you finish knowing you have contributed to something amazing as not only is the show incredible but it is also for the most worthwhile causes. I would attempt to plug the show further but were all sold out so instead a massive thank you to everyone who has supported the show in anyway. Don’t forget to get involved next year- you won’t regret it! – Amy Dennis, Marketing

Being passionate is the first step, no matter what role you undertake, having the ability to commit to your team and not being afraid to roll up your sleeves and get stuck is what is required for success.– Lindsey Steward, Assistant Director

What are you most looking forward to about the show?

As a production team we have worked very hard on ensuring there is an explosive element to the show. Expect high quality performers, AV production and a massive surprise. This year is different to every other year and we are hoping to pull off an immersive and intimate stage design to impress the sold out capacity! The final curtain will be a bittersweet feeling and we hope that everyone remembers LFRS '18 for a very long time. – Amber Hunt, Production