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Everything you know if you’re not single on Valentine’s Day, but you’re not in a relationship either

Everything becomes so awkward

Valentine's Day sucks. There's no other way to say it, it's just a bit of a shit day – even if you are in a relationship. It's just another excuse to buy your SO presents and go for dinner, when in truth we all know we should be doing these things all the time anyway. Doesn't stop us buying into this bullshit every. Single. Year though does it?

But spare a thought for those people who aren't single for V day (which, as a society, we have all agreed is Absolutely the Worst Thing That Can Happen to You In Your Life Ever™), but aren't quite in a relationship either. Those couples who definitely aren't hooking up with anyone else, but haven't quite managed to make things official before the big day. V day is a minefield at the best of times, but oh my god does it become awkward when you just don't quite know where you stand with the guy you like.

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You stupidly get your hopes up for a present, even though you know it's not gonna happen

You can barely expect a present from an actual boyfriend, let alone a guy you haven't managed to cuff yet. Still, won't stop you getting disappointed on V day morning when you don't wake up to roses and chocolate. And trust me, you won't. Prepare for disappointment now.

Even if you don't mean it to, everything feels awkward

You know in your head that you don't care about Valentine's Day. Literally, it's just a day. Sure, it's a fun excuse to either get drunk (if you're single) or to get a load of flowers, chocolate and great sex, but apart from that it's just a regular day. But the guy you're hanging out with doesn't know that. And even if you've tried telling him, chances are he doesn't believe you. So in his eyes every small reminder of V day coming up is going to make you want to do something "special" for the day, which he is "just, like, so not ready for". WE GET IT.

Trying to schedule any sort of meet up / date / hang out is impossible

See above. If you wanna do anything during the week of V day, the person you're hanging out with is gonna just assume it's a V day date, which makes it suddenly so intimate and serious. Even though actually, you kinda just wanna bang.

You'll still have to spend V day miserably alone, just without the possible club hook up to look forward to

You're not single, which means you can't really just hit up Tinder and hope for the best. Which might be a good thing, cos you'll just feel grim afterwards anyway. Trust me. So, instead, you get to sit around in your pj's eating ice cream and watching shitty films or Friends for the 1000th time. Totally and completely alone.

If you go out to a single's club night, you will definitely be abandoned by your mates while you go home alone

Your mates are single though, so they totally can hook up with anyone and everyone. Which they probably will. Something about this holiday makes people super lonely and horny. Which is all fun and games until you have to get a £10 cab back home by yourself. At least there's no one around to judge you as you demolish an entire pizza and cheesy chips by yourself.

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Everywhere you go together, people will assume you're together

And by together I mean like dating. Exclusively. Like boyfriend girlfriend kinda thing. Yeah sure this happens all year round, but around V day suddenly you're anxious your boyfriend who isn't your boyfriend is going to start thinking that you want him to be your boyfriend. Which you do. You just don't want him to know that. Yet.

Everyone assumes you're single cos you're on your own, and automatically feels sorry for you

Cos apparently being single is just the worst thing that can happen to you in 2018. You know, in a world where Trump is President and Brexit is definitely happening and people still believe that the earth is actually flat, being single is worse than all of those.

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