A prosecco and gin festival tour is coming to Leeds and I am so ready for it

Where do I sign up?

It has just been announced that more than 40 types of gin and a broad selection of wine and prosecco will be available at the festival at New Craven Hall on the 21st April. Ticket prices are between £13.50 £27.50.

Layla Lawford, Co-organiser, said: “This is an exciting new event which combines two of the nation’s favourite drinks under one roof. The selection of drinks that will be available has been carefully selected to satisfy the taste buds of both seasoned connoisseurs as well complete novices.”

“There will definitely be something for everyone there. We don’t anticipate tickets hanging around for very long, with some of our other events selling out already, so we’d advise anyone interested in attending to book as early as possible to avoid disappointment.”