Everybody stay calm, there’s going to be a puppy petting day in Leeds next week

My time has come

It’s now becoming popular to have events revolve around puppers because they brighten everyone’s day. On the 13th February from 14:00 until 17:00, University Cribs will be having a puppy petting day to ease some stress. Currently, over 4k are interested in attending.

The event on Facebook states: ‘University life can seem a little gloomy at times, especially when it’s jam-packed with exams, deadlines and a stressful house-hunt!  University Cribs is the student property search engine that aims to expel the stress students experience during their house-hunt. So whilst we’re at it, we thought we’d try and help reduce all the other stresses of uni life by bringing the cutest puppies to the arms of students. It is scientifically proven that pets reduce stress and improve mental wellbeing, so what’s better than cuddles with little fluffy pups for worthwhile procrastination? Nothing. Absolutely nada.’ They’re not wrong, to be fair. 


It continues: ‘Our events have limited availability as keeping the pups happy is our paramount consideration and they can only cuddle so many students in one day. We have lots of provisions in place to ensure the puppies come from loving homes and we have a full puppy team, including a vet, present at each event. Feel free to direct message us if you have any other questions.’