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A collection of Twitter’s most savage take-downs of Leeds Uni students

Don’t hate us cos you ain’t us

Leeds uni students get a really bad rep. They're noisy, dress weird, take a LOT of drugs, and generally just assume they're the best at everything. News flash though: we totally are the best. It's not our fault if you just can't handle that.

So, here's a collection of all the best, funniest, and most savage tweets about Leeds uni students. I'd say "and Beckett", but let's be real, the Beckett students probably can't even read this anyway.

Some people really don't like the way we dress

We're just better than you. It's not stuck up if it's true.

U okay hun?

Even Beckett students know what's up

Sounds like a pretty good way to get around to me

Totally true. We're all from Surrey, go home every weekend to feed our ponies, and live off Daddy's credit card

We just like being edgy, okay?