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Greggs are giving away FREE Festive Bakes in Leeds tomorrow

Abort your essays and grab a pasty

Just when you thought the deadline week blues had fully destroyed you, body and soul, the absolute legends at Greggs emerged from the darkness and threw this outrageous offer into the mix: they're giving away 1,300 Festive Bakes at stores across the country, and Leeds is one of the lucky locations.

There is no guilt with a Greggs, even if your room is full of pasty bags

Close your laptop, exit Eddy B and get your arse down into town immediately. This is undoubtedly the greatest news you're going to get this week.

The Central Arcade store is guaranteed to be absolutely rammed on the day, because Greggs have stated on their Facebook page that the giveaway will start at 11:30am and continue until "they're gone".

What does that even mean!? – so we recommend getting down there nice and early for your freebie fix.

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And, while we know that realistically you're so far into your overdraft that you'll eat anything with the word "free" in front of it,

For the uninitiated, the Festive Bake features a timeless combination of chicken, bacon, and sage and onion , guaranteed to make you forget about your Thursday 9am or the fact that we're unlikely to see a temperature above 10° in Leeds until the new year, at least.

If there's anything that can unite us in these dark, midterm-filled days, it's free Greggs on a Wednesday.

You can thank me later.