Nominate your pals for Leeds’ fittest fresher

Literally just an excuse to tell your crush that they’re fit

You know that fit guy in your seminar – the one with the green vintage sweater, ripped skinnies and those dirty white trainers? (hold me.) Or, that girl with the cute dungarees and stripy crop top? Maybe you're in love, maybe it's just style envy or maybe, just maybe, they are Leeds fittest fresher.

The time has come kiddos, to nominate. Forget your week one seminar prep and those deadlines your lecturers keep banging on about – Alan fuck off, that's literally two months away – this is now your priority.

Let's find Leeds fittest fresher so that they can brag about it on their Tinder bio for the next three years and break the world record of Super Likes.

So get nominating!