These are the cringiest Facebook posts from the Leeds freshers of 2017

‘Pray for me on results day’

The first thing any new fresher does once they've received their confirmation email from UCAS – well, after getting smashed on prosecco at 10 in the morning – is join a tonne of freshers groups. The hope is to find some interesting course mates, your flatmates, or even a new crush, but it never works out like that. Seriously, it's a cesspool of desperation and I guarantee come the end of Freshers' week, you will have met none of your friends from any of the groups you joined. You will, however, spend the next three years getting more and more pissed off about the constant barrage of promoter posts every single fucking day.

Here's just some of the cringiest posts from the freshers this year. Enjoy.

Did you really need to specify 'above PG'

Who is coming to uni and NOT looking to meet new people?

When you try to act 'sophisticated' but you just come across as a knob

Oh hun

Sorry Laura, it's not you, I just need to focus on myself this results day. Soz babe xo

Most people get drunk to celebrate results days. Not Alice. Alice has bought a ticket for a pretty standard Freshers' event that will probably be shit

Your 'socially awkward teenies' are busy trying to work out how to avoid you during Freshers

When your course sounds like a hair product


We all know a prick who would reply with a smiley cos he's got an unconditional offer

Read: I don't have any friends so I'm going to talk about a lame event to try and look cool.

And Pryzm is a Beckett club. AVOID.

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