Leeds English lecturers accused of copy and pasting exam feedback across different modules

It was identical to the feedback from January exams


First year English students have accused lecturers of copy and pasting exam feedback from their January exams.

Students receiving feedback for the module “Drama: Reading and Interpretation” discovered lecturers used the exact same wording as they had for their January exams.

Across four questions – two in each exam – one student, Kat, has seen all of her feedback begin with the exact same phrase, “the wonderful quotation from [author’s name] that is an integral part of this question is disregarded.” She posted the screenshots to Twitter, where other students confirmed that their feedback had been similar.

Kat told The Tab: “Did they actually think we wouldn’t notice? It’s a Russell Group university, they should be performing to top standard, it’s appalling.

“It was pretty patronising and unnecessarily condescending the first time round, getting it a second time is a joke.” Other students in an English group chat also expressed their disbelief, with two others, Abiha and Lucy, having received identical feedback to Kat’s.”

Since then, various other students on from the same module have experienced the same thing.

An English first year told The Tab: “I remember thinking ‘oh, this is identical to my prose exam, maybe I just didn’t improve?’ but then somebody else on the course mentioned it and soon it became clear that it was just careless marking.”

A university spokesperson said: “We are looking into this. We are currently unaware of any formal complaint made about it.”