Leeds’ clubbers of the week

Deadlines are dead

It’s the middle of the semester. Half of you will be writing essays and spending sleepless nights over your dissertations, while the others are going out and pretending that uni work doesn’t exist. See if we spotted you as one of the few putting off those deadlines.

Squad of the week

Runners Up

Photobomb of the week

Is it me or is one of the girls about to have a go at him?

Runners Up

Cuties of the week

Runners Up

Drunk hug or claiming bae?

Otley Run outfits of the week

Hat wearers of the week

Weird toungue of the week

Err mate, don’t think she’s gonna want that in her ear

Pouters of the week

Stunners of the week

Runners Up

Photos by:  MIX:UP photos from the VOODOO Events Facebook page, Skint Thursday Photos from Connor Griffin Photography, MNHP and Move On UP photos from WIZ Photography, Fruity Photos from CWPhotographics.