Leeds’ most eligible bachelorette: Round two

Things are hotting up

We’ve had a huge amount of nominations, so it’s only fair you get to meet some more women who are beautiful inside and out. Cast your votes and lets find the luckiest lady in Leeds.

Sophie Pegram-Heron- second year, Business Economics


This Business Economics second years’ friends think she deserves the crown as she once made a boy cry, just by kissing him. The boy was so intimidated that he got scared and ran home, literally.

Sophie thinks she should win because “she’s fit, she’s flirty and she’s got double Fs”..what more could you want?

Cesca Stramotas – second year, Philosophy and Theology


Famously known as “12 Pint Cesca”, this South African goddess is regularly found at the local watering hole (HPP).

Her dangerous curves have been known to cause a stir on the rare and exciting occasion that she performs her own saucy strip-tease routine to “Pour Some Sugar On Me”.

This bachelorette knows how to go nuts at Donuts or put the beaver in Beaver Works. Stampeding to the bar like a hurricane of determination better catch this train before it leaves the station.

Zoe Ball – third year, Human Physiology


Zoe’s friend thinks this girl should be most eligible bachelorette after he brought her home in summer to meet his family. He said: “After returning from a festival my parents found her asleep on the loo cleaning her teeth…. safe to say they loved her northern charm and so will you.”

Emma Ralphs – second year, English Lit


Emma received a wapping five separate nominations for this competition, one of which  began like this: “Well.. How do I begin to explain Emma Ralphs? Emma Ralphs is flawless. She has two Fendi purses and a silver Lexus. I hear her hair’s insured for $10,000 and she does car commercials… In Japan.”

“One time she met Ian Beale on a plane… and he told her she was pretty.”

Emma’s friends think she should be nominated as they say she’s a fit, fun and flirty vegan with the peachiest bum in Leeds.

When she’s not in engaging in modern literature, sipping her (double shot, searing hot, soy milk) coffee and oozing sophistication, you can find her either dancing the night away at mischief or saving the animals. And when she’s not getting the grades at the Brotherton, Emma’s dedicating herself wholeheartedly to the sesh.

This Twitter queen is reported to have made one posthumous request: “Scatter my ashes at Beaverworks”.

Boys are like magpies for glitter and Emma has many admirers sidling up to her at the rave.