Hyde Park coffee shop fined after failing safety inspection

Coffee Mania had to pay nearly £6,000

A Hyde Park coffee shop has been fined nearly £5,700 after failing a food safety inspection.

Coffee Mania on Brudenell Road had a general lack of cleaning, dirty chopping boards, grills and broken equipment according to council health officers.

Azad Aziz, who represented Coffee Mania in court, pleaded guilty when he appearing before Leeds magistrates.

He was fined £4,000, ordered to pay a £120 victim surcharge and was told to pay costs of £1,582.50.

When Leeds City Council inspected the cafe they found a broken utensils and equipment and dirty grills and chopping boards. No soap or towels had been provided in the kitchen or staff toilets and the wash hand basin in the serving area had no soap and staff couldn’t get to the towel provided due to obstructions.


It’s also said during the inspection that officers saw staff handle raw meat then prepare salad and bread without washing their hands in between.

Fifth year dentist, Abhinay Settipalli said: “I used to go there quite a lot because it wasn’t overly expensive and offered things a bit healthier than the usual kebabs. I’m definitely never going again.”