Sonic booms heard across Leeds were ’caused by RAF fighter jets’

People said their houses shook

Explosions were heard over Leeds and the surrounding area earlier tonight, leaving many of us wondering what the noise was.

People said that their houses shook, but many assumed it was a gas explosion. The sound was heard as far as Doncaster and Wetherby it is unlikely that is what would have caused it.

Rumours have been clarified by an unofficial RAF Coningsby Twitter account, who said it was a sonic boom from an RAF Typhoon fighter jet.

The account also added that it is normal for planes to pass the sound barrier if they are scrambled in emergencies, although what caused the emergency is unclear.


Military social media pages are suggesting the jet was sent out to locate a missing civilian plane, which has now been escorted into Newcastle airport


Of course the students of Leeds YikYak were quick to have their say on the situation.

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