The best clubbers in Leeds this week

They came, they saw, they partied

Maybe today will be the day where you finally see yourself.

Thirstiest clubber

Best outfit


Edgiest clubber

More edges than a dodecahedron

Derp of the week


Most inventive use of an umbrella

How low can you really go?

Best hair

It looks 3D

Most Tango’d clubbers

They know it

Third wheel of the week

He’s singing lonely by Akon in his head

Unhappiest clubber

He wishes he was anywhere but there

Sassiest clubber


Worst moves

Can we stop this now?

Photoshopped head of the week

Who was really there?

Most murderous clubber

The silent assassin

Lovers of the week

We shall never know what she looked like

Most excited clubber

Gurn of the week

Coolest clubber

Sass Queen

Runner up


Best costume

You’re not a flatscreen? That’s so 2007

Most thoughtful clubber

I am here, but am I really here?

Best of the rest

I think Shrek just sneezed



Thanks to No Curfew, FlyNight Events, Taking Liberties and Voodoo for the photos



Karl Spencer: Entourage

Daniel Watson: Mint Mondays

CJG Photography: Antics

Ben Hale: Quids In

Shot by WIZ: MNHP

Elliot Young: Donuts, Mixtape