Leeds students are most sexually active in the UK

Shame it’s mostly Beckett

Leeds Beckett students have topped the list of most sexually active uni in the UK.

The poll released by Hexjam surveyed 5,800 people across the UK and saw the Leeds poly rank up on average 8.45 sexual partners  per student.

If you’re wondering, we only came in 34th place. The University of Leeds averaged just 5.26 notches on our bedposts. On the plus side that’s still better than York, Durham and Newcastle.

Other unis who made the top five include Southampton Solent, LSE, Ulster and Staffordshire Uni.

In 2015 the University of Brighton topped the list, with an average of 10.59 sexual partners per student. This year they could only make 12th.

Here is the top 10:

1. Leeds Beckett (8.45 average partners)

2. Southampton Solent (8.18 average partners)

3. LSE (8.00 average partners)

4. University of Ulster (7.64 average partners)

5. Staffordshire University (7.57 average partners)

6. Middlesex University (7.50 average partners)

7. Nottingham Trent University (7.25 average partners)

8. Oxford Brookes University (7.12 average partners)

9. University of Aberdeen (7.04 average partners)

10. Liverpool Hope University (7.00 average partners)