Leeds Uni libraries to diversify book selection

The decision is a victory for the ‘Why is my curriculum white?’ campaign

Leeds University are to introduce more ethnically diverse books into their libraries.

The introduction is in direct response to the ‘Why is my curriculum white?’ campaign and has been backed by students and staff alike.

Students and staff are now able to request books that they’d like introduced into the library resources to diversify it.


Leeds University said: “The Library is pleased to support Leeds University Union’s “Why is my curriculum white?” campaign, which aims to diversify the curriculum and supporting resources.

“If students have an item that you think would help to diversify our Library resources, please let us know. All you need to do is fill in our book purchase suggestion form with a book that will support research or teaching.

“Make sure you put #WIMCW in the additional information section. This will allow the Library to see how many books are bought for the campaign.”

Melissa Owusu, LUU’s Educational Officer, said: “I’m really pleased the library has agreed to support the campaign, having a diverse range of academic material is one of the first steps towards challenging the curriculum.

“If the library is willing to admit it could have more diverse materials then surely your lecturers should think that about the modules they teach too.

“Big up the Library Team!”