Leeds is the second most sexually active uni in the UK

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Leeds has the second most casual sex out of any Uni in the UK, according to new findings.

The data, released by hook up site ShagatUni.com, shows more than 1,410 Leeds students log on everyday.

This is just 67 less than Nottingham, who came first.


Other unis in the top ten include Oxford, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Sheffield and Glasgow.

Popular student towns like London and Durham didn’t even make the top 20.

Some Leeds students weren’t surprised by the findings when told the result.

Forth year dentist Abs said: “From the amount of times I’ve heard stories from barstaff and door teams about people getting fingered I’m not surprised.”

However Politics final year Emma was a little more surprised by the result.

She said: “If Leeds is the second horniest town, then why am I not I having more sex?”