Leeds Uni third year stars on Channel 4’s First Dates

Unfortunately she didn’t find love

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A Leeds Uni student was the star of Thursday night’s episode of First Dates.

In a bid to find love, or maybe just have a bit of fun, we saw 22-year-old Freya Parr go on a date with Oxford student Richard.

Both with a musical theatre obsession – Freya directing the Stage Musicals Society’s production of West Side Story and Richard starring in UKIP: The Musical at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Due to their similarities, Twitter believed it was a match made in heaven.

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Sadly, musical theatre is not normally the best place to meet men, with Freya lamenting that “they’re all gay”.

However, shortly into the date, Richard did have something to tell her, opening up and coming out as a heteroromantic asexual person.

While Freya took this very well saying “It’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing” – much of Twitter was very confused.

Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction, however as Richard also identifies as heteroromantic he does feel romantic attraction to women.

While perhaps not ideal for Freya, many have seen the representation of a marginalised and relatively unknown sexuality as an undeniably good thing.

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Despite this, many still saw them as a perfect match – with Freya remarking “he isn’t gay… result” – and the show revealing they had gone on a second date to see The Book of Mormon.

According to Freya’s twitter, however, this may not be true.12290523_10156342222555193_1339987943_o (2)