Emma Healey

Emma Healey
Leeds University


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I’m proud I was raised by a single dad

Single dads might be rare but I wouldn’t change my family for the world

Labour MP shot and stabbed in Leeds

Mother-of-two Jo Cox has been attacked in Birstall

We need more LGBT characters on TV and in film

Only eight movies passed the Bechdel Test last year

Saying ‘you’re not like other girls’ is not a compliment

What’s wrong with ‘other girls’?

‘Taking antidepressants doesn’t make me weak’

‘It was the best decision I could have made’

Why haven’t the BBC played Melz’s election video?

Melz is not gonna shut up

Being gay doesn’t give you an excuse to be sexist

Stop touching my boobs

Former Leeds student accepts BRIT award

He accepted it on behalf of Nordoff Robbins

An insider’s perspective on NUS Women’s Conference

What do you gain from harrassing us?

Saying I’m too pretty to be gay isn’t a compliment

And no, I don’t want a threesome

Trigger warnings are great, so stop complaining

TW: Contains anger about trigger warnings

White men are apparently being ‘silenced’ by LUU

An idea proposed to the Union says ‘the majority are looked upon as the enemy’

A Leeds grad needs money for life-saving surgery

Laura Sylvester needs £190,000 for high risk neurosurgery

Campus style with the Leeds RAG Fashion Show Directors

Leeds’ very own Anna Wintours pick the best dressed on campus

Roosh V’s followers posted my details online after I criticised him

He’s calling it a ‘counter-operation’ against ‘the enemy’

Rape advocate Roosh V has organised a meet-up in Leeds

The location is being kept a secret

No Platforming isn’t censorship – it’s common sense

Nobody has the right to be a sexist or a racist

Having huge boobs isn’t as great as you think

Stop telling me I’m ‘blessed’

We asked your opinions on Syrian airstrikes

Bombing started within an hour of the vote

Leeds Uni looks set to introduce consent classes

Only one person voted against them

A Leeds drag queen dressed up as Hitler last night

She called those who criticised her ‘small minded’

Leeds Uni third year stars on Channel 4’s First Dates

Unfortunately she didn’t find love

Union holds Transgender Day of Remembrance vigil

271 trans people have been murdered in the past year

Walking out of a lecture because of a video? Stop being entitled brats

From one Politics student to some others

It’s none of your business whether girls shave their armpits

Why is Growvember any worse than Movember?

Leeds travellers tell us what they learnt abroad

Sun, sex and lots of regrets

Why Leeds needs consent classes

Almost two thirds of you think they should be compulsory