Roger Stevens is the worst thing about Leeds Uni

You guys really hate it

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Last week 1,331 of you voted for the thing you hated most about Leeds and, unsurprisingly, the layout of the Roger Stevens seems to piss you off the most.

The confusing design of the building is the absolute bane of 407 people’s lives, claiming 30.58 per cent of the vote.

It looks so innocent from the outside

Reminding you of your hatred for it, was the entry description which said: “Why are there so many fucking doors? Why is the ground floor number eight? It just doesn’t make sense. You’ve probably missed your lecture now you’ve spent so long looking for your room.”

In second place, although over a hundred votes behind, all Leeds students being clones seemed to strike a nerve with many. Probably all the people who think they created the bucket hat and New Balance trainers trend and are annoyed that everyone is copying them.

The Union’s decision not to sell bottle water came third, gaining 8.11 per cent of the vote.