Leeds medics invent app which helps you cram for exams

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Two fourth year medics have launched an app to help you learn more in less time.

Omair Vaiyani and James Gupta created Synap as a way to make studying for MCQ exams easier.

The pair have raised over £200,000 through crowdfunding with the aim to launch the app officially by Christmas.

The app will include multiple choice questions from every subject and topic and can be accessed via smartphone or tablet.

The app works by combining research on how people’s brains “learn” with the power of technology.

Co-founder Omair Vaiyani said: “We want to make Synap something that is part of the university culture.

“We want students to recognise that this way of revising is not some wishy-washy thing that may or may not work, but as a very useful and evidence based tool to improve their education.”

On why they came up with the concept, the pair said: “We created it pretty much through necessity. We had high volumes of information to remember for our exams, and reading through textbooks alone just wasn’t cutting it.”

“Whilst there are subjects that don’t lend themselves as well to our method of learning, students from most backgrounds find value in the platform. We’ve seen individuals who study Engineering, Law, Sports Science, Nursing, Medicine, Geography and even Languages!”

“Although our attention has primarily been directed towards undergrads, being in this group ourselves, we have seen the platform used by individuals from primary schools all the way up to professional development.

“Gymnast instructors, special needs teachers, firefighters, airline pilots and accountants all frequent our website and app on a daily basis.”


When asked about how they see the app developing, Omair said: “Synap is designed to mould itself for the students who use it.

“Over time, the app will know exactly what and when individuals should study: making sure they retain as much knowledge of their study material, for as long as possible.

“We are currently in talks with student organisations, professional bodies and large educational technology companies which have shown an interest in Synap. Unfortunately, I’m not in a position to name these entities just yet.”

“Synap started off with just myself and James – we now have a team of six highly motivated and skilled members. Over the coming years, we aim to make Synap the most effective study platform for students and professionals.”

The educational app already has a number of investors backing it and the first phase of Synap is due to launch by the end of October.