Leeds Uni made over £150,000 in library fines last year

You could probably get an Edge membership for that

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The University of Leeds made £164,870 in library fines last year.

The data, which was published by RedBrick, found Leeds to be second in a list of lucrative libraries during the 2013/14 period.

This means on average every single Leeds uni student paid £2.75 in fines.

This figure refers just to the late fines given to students, and not the added fine of lost library books.

UCL topped the list with £204,848 and Nottingham finished third with £154,098.

Leeds University have confirmed that since August 2013 students are not expected to pay late fines for holding onto a book until someone else asks to borrow it.

So next time you get a fine, you can blame the selfish bastard who asked for the book you were using.