Breaking: Man arrested in Slovakia over Beeston rape

Police tracked him down on a European arrest warrant

A 21-year-old man has been arrested in connection with the rape and attempted murder of a woman in Beeston.

The Slovakian national was arrested by local police in the Kosice area of eastern Slovakia today after West Yorkshire Police secured a European Arrest Warrant.

A 18-year-old woman was left for dead in the Beeston area of Leeds after being attacked on March 6th.

The horrific attack was caught on CCTV

There has been a huge public appeal from police for information regarding the horrific attack, which was caught on CCTV.

Crimewatch staged a reconstruction of the ordeal, which happened at a bus stop.

An e-fit of the suspected attacker was also released by West Yorkshire Police in April.

Detective Superintendent Nick Wallen said: “The European Arrest Warrant process requires that police forces are in a position to charge any suspect they are seeking.

“To that end we consulted the Crown Prosecution Service before applying to a district judge at Leeds Magistrates Court for the European Arrest Warrant.

“Once the warrant was granted, we liaised with the Slovakian police through the National Crime Agency to secure the arrest of this man. We are very grateful to the Slovakian authorities for their assistance.

“The man is currently in custody in Slovakia and we will now be pursuing the legal process with the aim of getting him extradited back to the United Kingdom to be charged to appear at court.”