Desperate final year swallows pride in plea for Leeds Ball ticket

‘I’ve always been a positive guy, but I’m beginning to lose faith’

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A hopeful third year has gone above and beyond in search of a ticket to the summer ball, drawing parallels between himself and luckless Disney princess Cinderella.

George Russell-Stracey, who studies Graphic Design, wrote an elaborate fairy-tale inspired post on the Leeds Ball event page in search of a generous donor.

In the desperate plea he referred to himself as “Georgerella” and asked: “Can you be my fairy godmother?”

We spoke to George about his hopes for a ticket, and what led him to take such desperate measures in the first place.

He said: “My whole house is going and forgot to mention that they were to me. It’s been really hard for me to hear about all the prinking plans. All the lads, minus George.

“It sounds like it’s going to be a really good event and all the posters and hype has been getting me down. I’m not eating or sleeping well either.”

The post on the event has passed 500 likes, and George has been inundated with messages of support in his quest.

“The support has been amazing from my friends and family. My mum was in touch with me immediately asking if there was anything she could do.

“Friends have been talking about it asking whether I’ve got a ticket but alas, there’s no sign of one anywhere. I’ve always been a positive kind of guy, but as the ball edges closer and closer I am beginning to lose faith.”

With time running out, it’s still unclear whether George will be able to make it to the ball – in his own words, “these three years will have been a waste if I end up in Hyde park pub sipping a flat Hyde Park Blonde by myself.”

We’ve decided to launch a campaign to get George to the ball – if you want to make his dreams come true, tweet @LeedsUniUnion with a link to this article and the hashtag #GetGeorgeATicket.

Georgerella, you WILL go to the ball.