Leeds sex attacker jailed for 16 years

His last crime took place in December 2013

A male sex attacker who targeted women who were on their own in the city center has now been jailed with a 16-year sentence.

Lamin Touray was convicted of attempted rape in a car park after following his victim from a Christmas party at a bar on Call Lane in the early hours of the morning.

The court heard how the CCTV operator was worried after spotting Touray following the young female and how he ran to the scene in a bid to help her.

It was also heard how just two days earlier Touray had followed another victim from the same area all the way to her home before sexually assaulting her.

Touray was sentenced after pleading guilty to attempted rape, two offences of sexual assault and attempting to pervert the course of justice. He was told he must serve a 12-year minimum prison sentence followed by an extended licence period for four years.


Detective Superintendent Jon Morgan said: “Touray is a predatory sex offender who targeted women walking alone in Leeds city centre and put them through some frightening ordeals.

“He is clearly someone who presents a very real danger to women.”

Its been revealed that Touray, a Gambian national, was on the run at the time of the incidents in Leeds, which took place in December 2013.

In 2009 he had also carried out a similar sexual assault on a student in Newport, South Wales, after following her home from a night out.

When arrested over the previous attack it was found Touray gave a false name and date of birth after and as a result was granted bail by magistrates.

At the time of both attacks Touray was in the UK illegally, having entered on a temporary visa but had failed to return to Africa when his visa expired.

Judge Neil Clark said: “You present a significant risk because you are a man who will randomly attack females who are strangers to you.”

He also praised the bravery of the three women who all came forward with evidence and said: “It is quite refreshing to see that there are young women in this country as brave and resilient as that.”

Although the judge said he had no powers to order Touray’s deportation after his sentence is completed. The judge has requested for his sentencing remarks to be passed to the Home Office parole board.