This week’s BPOC is a Tory hamster

Look at its little face

This week’s Big Pet on Campus is Pippin, the Clarendon Road Hamster.

Sex: M

Breed: Syrian

Celebrity Crush: He hasn’t told anyone, but Beyonce seems the most likely.

Likes: Sleeping anywhere but his hamster bed and climbing up the bars of his cage

Dislikes: Daytime, The Labour Party

Age: Eight Weeks

Relationship status: Single but ready to mingle

Favourite band: Eagles of Death Metal

Ambition: To get as high as he can in the hamster game

Favourite snack: Either a carrot or a lemon tart from Patisserie Valerie

Pippin is a new addition to Clarendon Road’s flat of medics, who say they needed the company. His loud night time antics on his hamster wheel have caused boyfriends to leave the flat in frustration.

Does your animal have what it takes to become The Tab’s student Pet of the Week?

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