Hydesenberg: ‘Blue ket’ appears in Leeds

They’re not minerals

Infamous anaesthetic and popular Leeds drug Ketamine has recently emerged in a new form. 

Hyde Park house parties are starting to see the appearance of Breaking Bad-inspired “blue ket” as dealers put a pop culture twist on their usual wares.

Pictures show what appears to be Ketamine with a light blue hue, in an effort to resemble Walter White’s blue crystal meth creation from the AMC series Breaking Bad.

This anonymous photo was sent to The Tab

Sightings of the substance were reported last week with students breaking up for the Easter holidays.

An anonymous Hyde Park resident told The Tab: “I honestly thought it was a joke at first, but some of my mates tried it and said it was the real thing.

“It’s a pretty cool gimmick I suppose, but I’m not touching the stuff.”

It is unclear whether this new cook will stick around in West Yorkshire, but students are being advised to steer clear of the Hyde Park Heisenbergs’ creation.

3rd-year Historian Sam Howter said: “It’s pretty sick that people would use Ketamine for a cheap laugh.

“I haven’t seen Breaking Bad, and now I probably never will.”

Before you get too excited, check the date. Happy April Fools.