These new flats will be nicer than where you live

They’ve got a concierge service

A £15m project will see some of the swankiest student flats Leeds has ever seen.

£140 a week will get you an en-suite bathroom, flat screen TV, wifi and a double bed.

The company behind it, IconInc, reckon they’ve spotted a gap in the market for luxury student properties.

There’ll also be a gym on-site (with personal trainers, naturally), cinema, free daily breakfast and a 24-hour concierge service. That’s right, a concierge service…for student flats. A far cry from the silverfish-riddled showers of Henry Price.

“The Edge” opens on Westfield Road in September this year, but not everyone is taken in by the prospect of a swish new apartment.

English third year Bob Palmer said: “Luxury student accommodation is a bit of a contradiction in terms. What this basically means is you’re going to miss out on the Hyde Park vibes.”

IconInc say The Edge “offers the luxury, modern design and cutting edge technology of a boutique hotel – 365 days of the year.”

If you’re deterred by the hefty rent, they’re running a competition to give one winner a free flat for a year.