Hyde Park casanova makes naked posters in a desperate bid for a Valentine’s date

He’s only met her once

Lovelorn Jack Fox has gone to extreme lengths to secure a date for Valentines Day.

The Leeds Uni graduate has plastered Hyde Park and campus with enticing posters of himself to get the attention of Law student Jasmine Fearnley.

Jack stripped off and posed in order to woo the third-year, but the object of his affection has said she is unmoved by his campaign.

Former Art and Design student Jack said: “I met my future wife Jasmine at a party a couple of weeks ago.

“Having asked her out for drinks she politely declined my offer. Going out for drinks being my usual courtship technique, I had to try something new so I started on some wonderfully charming poetry and limericks.

“I felt those went down well but still no date so I knew I needed to opt for a grand gesture to woo Jasmine.

“The next obvious step for me was to get my kit off, pose in a friendly, yet seductive manner and create a poster asking her to be my valentine. With the help of team #jack4jasmine we put them up across campus hoping to attract her attention.”

Jasmine told The Tab she was “confused” by the posters, especially considering she had only met Jack once before.

She said: “I’ve taken down at least twenty posters, to be honest I was concerned for the environment.

“I only met him once a few weeks ago at a house party, so I cannot really explain where this has come from.”

“There’s definitely no chance of a date, but I give him an A* for effort.”

Jack, who now co-owns a Leeds street food company, is disappointed by this, but it won’t deter him from trying to lure Jasmine.

He adds: “My poster was trending on Instagram last night. However, my beloved jasmine still won’t be my valentine which doesn’t bode well at all!

“I think the next step is a Heath ledger-esque moment in 10 things I hate about you when he sings “I need you baby”. So if you know any brass bands out there that would lend a helping hand that would be great!

The Tab Leeds is in no way creeped out by Jack’s efforts, and so is in full support of #Jack4Jasmine