Second-year’s Andy Tate app tops downloads chart

It only took him a week

Leeds Media student Tom Stamp has topped the app store chart after ‘iTate’ became an overnight sensation.

Second-year Tom knocked it up in just a week after watching everyone’s favourite vine star, Andy Tate.

The app, a soundboard of the now-famous Man United fan, jumped ahead of Candy Crush Saga last week after being downloaded more than 320,000 times.

It was ‘Cleverleh’ done

Andy Tate rose to internet fame after his disgust with “Moyseh”, “Fellaineh” and “Cleverleh” got the treatment by Vine users.

Now thanks to this entrepreneurial Leeds University student, you can tell someone “You are nothing, you are a fool, and you are a waste of time”, with a push of a button.

This was just a casual week’s work for Tom, who got the idea as a result of a conversation in the pub.

He told The Tab: “We were having a laugh at the Andy Tate vines on Facebook, and one of my mates knew I made iPhone apps and suggested I make one.

“So I did. It was just something I made for my mates really.”

A twitter mention from @FootyAccums helped bring Tom’s creation to a grateful nation.

Tom said: “Between midday on the Monday and midday on the Tuesday, it was being downloaded once every second”

“One guy told me that someone had been playing it over the tannoy in Tesco”

The app is free, but generous Tom will be splitting the profits from advertising with Andy himself, having spoken to his ‘people’.

“I’ve spoken to his brother, who absolutely loves it.

“Andy’s seen it, and from what I’ve heard he likes it too.”

Top of the league. Unlike Moyseh

If you’re disappointed that some of your favourite Tate phrases didn’t make the cut, there is an update in the pipeline.

Tom adds: “This has definitely been a lot for me to take in.

“If I’m honest, I’m not really into football.”