DECEPTION: Criminal masterminds target vulnerable students

Are these the cleverest criminals in West Yorkshire?

Wily criminals posed as a Leeds Estate Agent in a bid to trick their way into students’ homes.

The crooks posted seriously legit looking letters to Hyde Park addresses in the name of a company which doesn’t exist.

The professionally-produced document urges students to “leave internal doors unlocked” and “ensure your bed is made” before leaving the house.

Convincing, isn’t it?


A tweet from Leeds University Union read: “URGENT:’CITY BLUE HOUSING’ LETTER SENT TO LEEDS STUDENTS IS FAKE! Keep secure & lock doors & windows PLEASE RT”

The level of panic is certainly justified, as this genius forgery could result in thefts from hundreds of properties in the Leeds area. The Gryphon described it as a “very smart” scam.

Fourth year dentist Abhinay Settipalli said: “I was utterly convinced by how the agency on the letter was different to who my actual landlord was and how the email was at eventhough they had their own website.

“With this level of detail, this can only be the work of the guy from ‘Catch Me If You Can’, or a Leeds Beckett student”.

We urge you not to be fooled by the letter.

Experts have concluded that despite looking 100% legit, it is actually fake.