Broadcasting Tower forced to evacuate after first years caught smoking at weekend party

They’ve had enough

A gang of unfortunate first-years were left red-faced after their loud party, and “funny smelling cigarettes” managed to set the halls fire alarms off at Broadcasting Tower last weekend.

The scenes of utter debauchery forced an evacuation of the building, and the freshers were slapped with final warnings.


After the recent announcement jointly from the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University that they will be having a major crackdown on drugs and wild parties it appears that the message didn’t quite get through to a group of student flatmates living on the top floor of the tower.

First-year music student George Rogers, who lives in the building, says: “They was blatantly smoking weed, the smell from their flat was ridiculous.”

The alarms alerted Downing security, who were forced to evacuate many students from Broadcasting Tower.

As if the fire alarm incident wasn’t bad enough the security then wanted to investigate the cause of the alarm and instantly suspected the party -which continued throughout the alarm – was something to do with it.

Shocking scenes

The security team were heard banging on the flat door for almost 20 minutes as the party continued before finally gaining access with a security key from reception.

The party quickly ended with almost 20 students being kicked out into the hallway and forced down the twenty two flights of stairs after lifts were halted in the fire alarm.

The security team then proceeded to search the flats and discovered that the kitchen showed evidence of heavy smoking.

It was found that all of the flatmates had been guilty of smoking within the building and were all given final written warnings to not smoke within the building and if found again will be evicted.

One of the unlucky freshers, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: “I’m not worried about the final warning. It happens. They can’t kick us out and if they try I’ll say they’re only doing it because we’re Kenyan.”

Another one of the flatmates added: “If we smoke it should be our choice and the university shouldn’t be able to stop us.

“Plus it wasn’t even the smoking that caused the fire alarm to go off, it was because of our Shisha Pipe.”

The security team at Downing, who also run the Central Village halls of residences, says after the incident there will be a stop to any parties deemed to get out of hand and a lot more tougher consequences will be introduced to any student found smoking or using illegal substances within the buildings.

Read them, obey them

We spoke to one security guard at Downing who said: “The university are planning on getting proper strict. They’re gonna be doing loads of random checks as this isn’t the first time they’ve found people smoking in the building.

“Plus they’re fed up with all the parties. We’re being told that we can now end them if we feel they’re too much.”